This is the official site for Mental Evolution! We are so glad you are here! Keep reading to find out more about who we are and what we do!

Our Mission

We are a youth-led non-profit organization that has 2 major goals!
Our first goal, our “Mental” aspect, is to be a voice for youth who suffer from mental health illness especially during the pandemic. To be a platform where we can showcase the proper resources to help others as well as debunking the stigma and stereotypes surrounding Mental Health.
Our second goal our “Evolution” is to connect youth with opportunities to get involved with other organizations, gain experience and help the local community. We want to be there to support and help today’s youth evolve.

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We want you on our Team!

Are you an individual who is passionate about mental health? Do you want to make a difference and gain valuable experience?
Then apply to be a Mental Evolution Student Ambassador today!